We live in Krebs World…these are just the facts.


Krebs Vs Neo

NEO Krebs


The Wachowkowski Siblings went back in time and created a causality loop.

Brian Krebs IS NEO.  He sees the code of the internet.

And it’s full of criminals.

Krebs vs Batman

Bat Krebs

Batman made contingency plans to take down the Justice League.

So did Krebs.


Krebs Vs Spock

Spock Krebs

Krebs is the basis for Mr. Spock.


Krebs vs Data

Data Krebs


As Tasha Yar knows, Mr. Data is fully functional.

But only because he downloaded Brian Krebs.

Krebs Vs Obama

Obama Krebs


When Obama writes about the NSA, you have to parse the meaning of each word.

When Krebs writes about the NSA, you just have to read.

Krebs vs Wonder Woman

Wonder Krebs


Wonder Woman needs a golden lasso to compel criminals to tell her the truth.


Brian Krebs needs…Brian Krebs.


Krebs vs Norris

Chuck Krebs

Brian Krebs is tougher than Chuck Norris.  Even Norris can’t survive a combined cyber/kinetic attack.

Krebs Vs Santa


What do Santa & Krebs have in common?  They both know who’s been naughty & nice.


The real difference? Unlike Santa, Krebs publishes his naughty list.




Brian Krebs vs The NSA (and your mother in law)

3 people who ALWAYS know when you’ve been naughty.

1) Your Mother-in-law.

2) The NSA

3) Brian Krebs

Brian Krebs vs The Matrix

Brian Krebs is NEO.  He can see thru the Matrix

Brian Krebs vs Vladimir Putin


Found on Russian Mob speed dial.

1) Lawyer

2) Putin

3) Brian Krebs

Krebs vs Snowden

Snowden leaks.  Krebs reports.

Worlds Greatest Detective

Sherlock Krebs

Mere journalists investigate cyber crime.  Brian Krebs gets the detailed blue prints.

Krebs vs Criminals


Brian Krebs doesn’t investigate.  Criminals voluntarily reveal their tactics to him.